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HammeraxThe size of this hand hammered bronze cymbal is a 24" x 20" oval. It features 2 microcup "buttons", a large oval cup, and a hand hammered logo. The oval shape, in combination with special hammering methods and a patent-pending alloy result in a profoundly dark sounding cymbal. " I can honestly say this is the darkest cymbal I have ever heard" says John Stannard, Hammerax™ president. "It also has a very wide volume range — from quiet to extremely loud. Fade is fairly fast for a large cymbal so this is not at all a gong-like and certainly not a china sound. It is really a crash but simply much deeper. This new voice continues to extend the low end range of the drummers color palette. "

Hammerax - 24x20 Oval CrashThe 24x20 Oval plays well with sticks, mallets and works very well with hand crashing. Drummers can ride the bell and rake the buttons but this cymbal swells quite easily so it is not a true ride. At 1770 grams, the cymbal is thin and light. The cup produced a dark, integrated sound which is very complex, but not bell-like. Like most Hammerax™ cymbals it comes with 3 polished holes for removable sizzles.

The underside of the oval cymbal is left raw and unpolished to allow special scraping FX with sticks, fingernails and other strikers. These darker cymbals also sound especially rich when mixed with brighter, more conventional cymbals. The total sound can add up to a giant texture at key points in a song.

"All our pieces are stick playable and very tough! They are for drummers as well as percussionists," adds president John Stannard." Hammerax™ proceeds support T.R.A.P. and other music charities.

For more information, visit their web site at www.hammerax.com.


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