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HammeraxHammerax has released a line of USA made cymbals with breathtaking highs and a super balanced wash; Ultraviolet. They are available in various sizes including splashes in 9”, 12”, crashes in 16”, 18”, 21” and 24”. Ultraviolet HiHats are available in 15" and 13" sizes as well.

"Since the Ultraviolet brand is the first bright sounding cymbal brand from Hammerax, the goal was to create an ultra premium sound, reminiscent of the finest European cymbals - bright and loud when needed, yet colorful and rich”, said Hammerax President John Stannard. “We had to set the bar very high and the reaction at trade shows and live has been superb."

The 21" and 24" crash rides are so complex they sound as if they have sizzles. The 18" crash is astoundingly colorful and bright. The 24", 21" and 18" have a great "ping" in the cup and the 16" crash is very fast, yet bright. 12" and 9"  Ultraviolet splashes are crisp, complex, and brilliant- some of the brightest and richest on the market. Ultraviolet HiHats are 15" and 13" are powerful, rich and bright.

All Ultraviolet cymbals are designed for a wide range of volumes- from a whispering sizzling ride sound to a cutting crash. Hammerax often suggests that drummers try mixing bright and dark sounds in the same kit. The total color and volume can really increase by doing this.

Hammerax Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet cymbals carry a very reasonable price considering the handmade quality.

4 year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA. Available immediately.

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