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Hudson Music - Lessons Volume 1

Featuring print and video lessons from some of the world's greatest drummers.

For the first time in print, Hudson Music has taken lessons from the eBooks contained on their award-winning DVDs and compiled them into a book/DVD package for drummers of all styles. Lessons with the Hudson Greats, Vol. 1 contains note-for-note transcriptions of many of the key exercises, grooves, fills, and concepts performed and taught by some of the greatest drummers in the world., creating a workbook that will improve your playing on just about every front. Concepts cover all of the bases, including hand and foot technique builders, odd-time patterns, jazz time and comping concepts, fill ideas from basic to extremely advanced, groove creativity ideas, funk patterns including odd linear groupings, and more.

These eBooks together present a fantastic amount of challenging practice material in all styles, almost like a college course in modern professional drumset playing. Not only a companion to the Hudson DVDs, the book works as a stand-alone course of study that will allow you to incorporate the concepts of many of today’s leading players into your approach.

Included is a DVD containing one hour and 15 minutes of clips pulled from the Hudson DVDs referred to in the book, indexed for ease of reference, making this a complete educational package. Included are drumming greats Jason Bittner, John Blackwell, Keith Carlock, David Garibaldi, and all the artists from the Modern Drummer Festival 2008: Will Calhoun, Ndugu Chancler, Gavin Harrison, Simon Phillips, Thomas Pridgen, Dafnis Prieto, Derek Roddy, Todd Sucherman, Bill Stewart, and Billy Ward.

“We hope that this book serves a few different purposes,” said Hudson Senior Drum Editor Joe Bergamini. “It is a companion workbook to all of our DVDs, presenting the eBooks in an attractive new format that can reside in your library and be referred to whenever working with any of the DVDs. It is also an incredible stand-alone product that allows you a glimpse into the key concepts of all the amazing players contained herein. Because we wanted to make sure the product worked on its own, we have included a three-hour DVD containing selected clips from the original DVDs. Finally, we hope that working from a book/DVD package such as this one might allow you to gain inspiration and knowledge about the work of some of the drummers that perhaps you currently don’t know very much about. Maybe you are a big fan of David Garibaldi already, but haven’t yet discovered Aaron Spears. This package can expand your awareness and abilities on the instrument in a big way.”

Available at your local drum shop or online today through the Drummer Cafe!

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