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The PinchClip™ (patent pending), from William Feldman Studio, is a new, innovative drum accessory designed to replace wingnuts on cymbal stands and hihats. Using the PinchClip makes mounting your cymbals fast and secure. It can replace conventional nuts and wingnuts on many types of threaded drum hardware, including cymbal tilters and hihat clutches. The stainless-steel flange flexes when pinched so that the holes in its overlapping arms align — allowing the clip to be quickly applied and removed — yet the specially designed arms securely grab on to any threaded device when the finger pressure is released.

PinchClip makes setting up and packing up faster and ends the problem of looking for dropped wingnuts on dark stages. In addition, PinchClip gives drummers a superior method for controlling the space between their cymbal washers and tightness of their cymbal stands.

PinchClip™ is now available in a convenient, reusable, zip-lock bag that contains 3 clips and comes in a choice of black or red. The attractive packaging also features information on how to use the PinchClips and serves as a great way to protect and store the devices when not in use.

Available at leading drum shops, the PinchClip 3-packs carry a street price under $10.

To learn more about the PinchClip™, visit www.pinch-clip.com.