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John 'JR' Robinson - The Time MachineAlfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, is now distributing Drum Channel’s John JR Robinson: The Time Machine, a comprehensive instructional DVD covering the essentials to professional-level drum playing, by the legendary and Grammy® award-winning drummer.

As a favored drummer to legendary music figures David Foster and Quincy Jones, John JR Robinson’s instructional DVD is regarded as in invaluable resource for advancing drummers of all levels, providing over three hours of detailed lessons on tuning, miking, technique, and playing with a click track. Performances by Native Son—JR’s band of world-class musicians—feature JR’s perspective and insight on timing, beat placement, feel, and much more. Cameo appearances, along with interviews by Quincy Jones, David Foster, Abe Laboriel Sr., and Luis Conte are also included. As a bonus, the DVD contains behind-the-scenes Quincy Jones recording session footage.

As the most recorded drummer in history, John JR Robinson has played on records that have sold well over 100 million copies. His exceptional concept of time, feel, groove, and style has earned him the title of The Time Machine. Some of his hits include, “We Are the World” (Lionel Richie), “California Girls” (David Lee Roth), “Express Yourself” (Madonna), “Smooth Criminal” (Michael Jackson), “Change The World” (Eric Clapton), “The Dude” (Quincy Jones), and many more. JR’s highly-acclaimed band, Native Son, members include Michael Thompson, Bobby Watson, and Greg Mathieson.

John JR Robinson: The Time Machine DVD is now available for $24.95 at music retail stores or get it online today through the Drummer Cafe.

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