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Joyful Noise Drum CompanyJoyful Noise Drum Company announces the release of the Luminary Series. This latest addition to the JNDC portfolio features a seamless aluminum shell and embodies the design attributes of the renowned seamless JNDC Modern Classic shell design, such as vintage inspired crimped snare beds, bell flanged bearing edges, center bead construction, solid brass bright nickel-plated triple flanged hoops, Corder solid brass nickel-plated tube lugs, and the “One Touch Classic” snare drum strainer system. These exceptional instruments are available in a clear anodized finish accented with a 24KT gold leaf JNDC feather, custom fades, and multi-color splash anodized finishes, so each drum is unique, both sonically and aesthetically.

The Luminary Series snare drums are full bodied and warm in tone and have a pronounced mid and low range register that is present in all tuning ranges. These drums are extremely sensitive and articulate and the character of the seamless aluminum produces a sound that is extremely expansive and full of breath. The Luminary Series is available in 4x14, 5x14, and 6.5x14 sizes.

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