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Remote Speedy Hat 2.0

Legacy Percussion Gear is proud to introduce the Remote Speedy Hat version 2.0. Many improvements have been made over the original which make it even faster, smoother, more solid feeling and quieter.

Remote Speedy Hat v2.0 upgraded features include:

  • Bigger pulleys for smoother/faster action and better durability
  • CNC machined aluminum light weight pedal with the “LPG” logo engraved on it
  • High tolerance lubricated bronze bearing pedal hinge for a more solid feel with virtually no side to side play
  • High tolerance machined cable clamp/pedal connection to minimize play
  • Long brace now extends to 23” for greater hi hat cymbal displacement

Says Bill Bachman, Remote Speedy Hat inventor, “After two and a half years with consistently great reviews and happy customers, we’re still excited to make an already successful product that much better.”

For more information or to purchase a Remote Speedy Hat, visit www.RemoteSpeedyHat.com.