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Live Audio Basics

Alfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational music publishing since 1922, proudly distributes Live Audio Basics, a complete instructional resource on live audio production by Down 2 Earth Audio Resources and Farley’s Musical Essentials.

Hosted by Grammy® and Dove award-winning engineer Ron Davis, this pro audio course has been developed to enhance the skills of any live audio engineer, from hobbyist to veteran. The comprehensive and entertaining instructional DVD teaches the most important modern sound reinforcement techniques, providing practical tips from a real-world perspective.

Topics covered in Live Audio Basics include: what every button and knob on your console does (and doesn't do), where to use certain microphones and why, when and how to use EQ, how to make your system sound better by following a few simple approaches, and more. The included CD-ROM offers helpful printable resources such as detailed signal path charts, microphone usage guideline, and frequency range guide, plus a bonus CD-ROM game for an engaging educational experience.

Live Audio Basics is now available in a DVD and two CD-ROM package for $69.99, and can be purchased at music retail stores or online today, through the Drummer Cafe.


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