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MadBox Designs has gone MAD creating exceptional box drums for the professional cajon musician — official launch during the 2015 Summer NAMM Show at Nashville’s Music City Center.

The MadBox Studio Box Drum is expertly-crafted out of domestic and/or exotic hardwood pairings such as Hickory & Walnut, Rosewood & Wenge, Maple & Bubinga. The woods are chosen for their unique beauty and tonal qualities. MadBox’s signature inset framed back comes with the sound hole placed at 1/3 down from the instruments top and is easily inverted to the 2/3’s down position for a custom playing experience. The company’s unique and unmatched snare system allows musicians to turn the snare on or off during performances so the Peruvian style (no snare) and Flamenco style (with snare) can be played alternately. In addition, the snare’s independently adjustable machined shaft can be set to provide the snare sound on one side of the box drum while the opposite side remains free of snare allowing for the most flexible playing technique on the market today. At 14” x 14” x 19” the MadBox Studio Box Drum resonates with musicians who like a deep bass sound of a kick drum, but desire the portability and convenience of a box drum for stage or studio settings. The MadBox Club Box Drum is equally innovative. Constructed of premium hardwood plywood with uniform laminations of solid 1/16th Birch with a Maple veneer, the MadBox Club is an all-hardwood plywood box drum that is strong and lightweight producing a rich bass timbre. MadBox’s signature inset framed back AND uniquely adjustable machined snare system are also featured on the instrument. Slightly smaller, the MadBox Club Box Drum measures at 13” x 13” x 18” and was designed for professional acoustical café and club musicians.

MadBox Designs was founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing to market furniture-quality hardwood box drums of unparalleled beauty and sound. Our design, engineering, and production team is made up of two men who struggle daily with severe neuropathy (a condition of the nervous system which causes pain).   Desperately seeking relief of the maddening pain through the art of distraction, these men were inspired to craft these beautiful instruments. We believe our box drum designs are a celebration of instrumental innovation with a nearly flawless execution. To learn more about our MADness, visit MadBox Cajon’s official Website and Facebook page.