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Mystic DrumzMusic has long been touted as a powerful tool affecting the development of a child. Its benefits are wide-ranging: music can help to improve a child's coordination and concentration and children exposed to music often times have higher self-esteem and are less prone to engage in bullying. Music is a connecting force that links all ages, cultures and ethnicities through rhythm.

Mystic Drumz, a leading provider of world music education, plans to set-up shop south of the border inBoston, Chicago and Philadelphia this summer. They will offer interactive drumming sessions and performances showcasing world percussion instruments, such as the West African Djembe Drum and the Giant Chinese Gong, to excite, enlighten and engage children of all ages. From school assemblies to pre-school/after-school programs and from birthday parties to street festivals, Mystic Drumz can tailor its performances to suit a small group of 10 children or a large crowd of 1,000 or more.

"At Mystic Drumz, we use music to teach children about the world around them. Our shows incorporate a variety of multicultural themes and feature musical instruments from around the globe," said Lorne Lampert, Founder and Chief Drumming Officer, Mystic Drumz.

Lampert, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Music Performance and a Bachelor of Music Education from York University, as well as being a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, is also pioneering what he calls "Music Eco-cation" by teaching children about the importance of the preservation of animals and the environment they live in through music.

For additional information or booking enquiries, please visit the newly updated website at: www.mysticdrumz.com or call toll-free at 1-888-638-5949.

About Mystic Drumz

Mystic Drumz is a leading provider of children's world music education, performing at thousands of schools, camps and daycares for the past 15 years. Mystic Drumz provides music 'edge-ucation' - teaching children about multicultural music and sounds from around the globe through creative interaction and audience engagement. Mystic Drumz feature presentations target children two to 12 years of age, parents and music lovers of all ages. In addition, Mystic Drumz has created a world music outreach program called Drumming a Difference. The goal is to provide world beat percussion instruments and musical training to children in orphanages and schools in developing countries.


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