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Mind MattersWritten by Bernie Schallehn, a certified mental health and substance abuse counselor (ret.) with degrees in behavioral science and counseling who is also a working drummer and frequent contributor to Modern Drummer magazine, Mind Matters is a new book from Modern Drummer Publications that provides insights and exercises for developing the mental and emotional skills that complement the physical and musical techniques employed by today's most successful drummers. Mind Matters is a drum book that is meant to be read, studied, and practiced away from the drums and one that can benefit drummers and other musicians at any level-from beginner to advanced, amateur to professional.

Schallehn begins by defining the connection between a drummer and his or her drums as a relationship and then goes on to offer suggestions for improving, nurturing, and maintaining that relationship. Chapters cover topics such as Motivation, Competition, Self-Esteem, Setting Goals, Conflict Resolution, How to Deal With Anxiety, Fear and Stress, and Band Dynamics in a straightforward manner that will help players overcome common negative thoughts, feelings, and erroneous beliefs that can limit their growth as well as their enjoyment of drumming.

In his foreword, Schallehn writes, "In the pages of this book, you'll find practical philosophies, techniques, and methodologies that you can use to make your drumming a much more enjoyable experience. Ideally, after reading and putting the concepts into practice, you'll become a more confident, relaxed, and competent drummer. Plus you'll find yourself playing with a greater feeling of joy in your heart."

Mind Matters is distributed by Hal Leonard Corp. and is available at your local drum shop as well as online today, through the Drummer Cafe.

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