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Forte 7FORTE 7, the most current version of the internationally appraised notation software was released on December 1st. While working on FORTE 7, developers have once again placed special emphasis on ease of use with best results at a comparably low cost.

Lugert Verlag, the makers of FORTE 7, have also released the free FORTE Android app which runs in parallel with the FORTE 7 desktop software. The app will allow users to open and replay FORTE files on their tablet or smart phone. By means of automatic note recognition, the recent update will allow for the recognition of single notes of an acoustic instrument and enter notes independently.

Input methods via the keyboard and mouse have also been revised in FORTE 7. Click on the virtual keyboard or use a key on the computer's keyboard to enter the respective note: letter "C" enters the note C into the score, for example. This further simplifies and speeds up working with FORTE 7 considerably.

Besides improved input, developers have also met the wish of many FORTE users and implemented a new function to export PDF files. This allows users to save entire scores or single parts as PDFs and open them on any computer environment by way of a PDF reader.

Both hobby musicians and professionals will quickly obtain great results that can be shared with other musicians without difficulty. FORTE 7's three different versions — Basic, Home and Premium Edition — are designed for the differing needs of FORTE users. A number of new functions and optimizations create added value and underline that the program's revisions have not been visual only.

Users making a quick decision during the launch of FORTE 7 until December 8 will profit from our special introductory offers. FORTE Basic may be purchased for as little as €15 ($19 USD). Loyalty rewards are also available to existing FORTE users with special pricing on upgrades. The special promotion pricing is available until December 8, 2015 on purchases made directly from the FORTE website: www.fortenotation.com.

About Lugert Verlag:

FORTE ist a product of Lugert Verlag, a publisher that has been offering material for music teachers and musicians for 36 years. It began with the magazine "Praxis des Musikunterrichts" (Music teaching in practice); now the publisher's products include a wide range of magazines, school books and DVDs. The program FORTE is being used by tens of thousands of users in over 200 countries and has been established as an inexpensive alternative to other, more expensive programs.