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Ahead XT-SnaresHandcrafted in the USA from extra-thin, exotic wood shells—and equipped with a host of today’s most advanced components—the new “XT” snare drums from AHEAD represent a breakthrough in design, sound and performance. The 6˝x14˝ drums are now available in a selection of sustainable hardwoods including American Black Cherry, African mahogany and Bolivian Rosewood models. The XT’s proprietary shell design utilizes three thin plies of eco-harvested, hand-selected wood that are carefully sliced from a single board and laid-up in a staggered-seam configuration using the veneers’ natural sequence and grain orientation. The result is an ultra-thin (4mm), ultra-strong, ultra-sensitive drumshell that retains the characteristics, tonal qualities and appearance of the original piece of wood.

Each custom-quality AHEAD XT Snare Drum is expertly crafted and painstakingly finished with a fine satin lacquer to protect the wood and complement the tone. The drums are then assembled with the high-end components found on many of the world’s most coveted drums, including Fat Cat High-Performance Snare Wires, Dunnett R4 Throw-Off, S-Hoop Counterhoops, Brunson Ball-In-Socket Lugs, TightScrew Tension Rods and Remo Ambassador Coated and Snare Side drumheads.

Innovative, unique and rare, AHEAD XT Snare Drums offer a classic combination of warmth, fatness, projection and sensitivity that’s similar to the sound and feel of a vintage solid shell snare drum at a fraction of the cost. The drums are distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution and available at leading drumshops. For more information, please contact Big Bang Distribution at BigBangDist.com.