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Legacy Percussion Gear is proud to announce the official addition of Johnny Rabb and Rich Redmond to the Legacy Percussion Gear artist roster. Both Rabb and Redmond are using the Remote Speedy Hat as their primary HiHat stand within the drum set-up.

"The Remote Speedy Hat is compact, ultra-responsive, portable, and gives me extra room on my kit. It also frees up my hands for new ideas on the drum set." Johnny Rabb (Bio Diesel/Ten Finger Orchestra/drum clinician)

"Endless set up options, No crossing, No Latency, endless possibilities! The Remote Speedy Hat opens up a whole new world of sonic and showmanship possibilities." Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean/independent drum clinician)

"We at Legacy Percussion Gear are excited to have Johnny and Rich on our artist roster, they are both exceptional players who know their craft very well." — Bill Bachman, Remote Speedy Hat inventor

For more information about the Remote Speedy Hat, visit www.remotespeedyhat.com.


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