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Organic Custom Drums
Doc D'Errico and OCD President, Rich Eisner and last Dual Floating Shell snare drum.

Organic Custom Drums, the leading designer and builder of cutting-edge, Modular Floating Shell™ drums, recently delivered the company’s last Dual Floating Shell (DFS) designed snare drum.

The final DFS snare drum, custom built for Organic Custom Drums’ customer Doc D’Errico of Southborough, MA, features single-ply, steam-bent Zebra Wood shells, 24 kt gold hardware (including 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Trick GS007 throwoff, and custom machined lug assemblies), and a unique custom bevel/channeled center ring and lug design, made exclusively for this drum.

“We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to manufacture this drum,” said Rich Eisner, Organic Custom Drums president. “In working with Doc on his drum design, we made some design enhancements based on his feedback that truly made this a one-of-a-kind drum and raised the bar in terms of fit & finish. It is only fitting that this turned out to be the final DFS designed drum manufactured by Organic Custom Drums, and marks an exciting transition for our company.”

The delivery of the final DFS snare drum marks the completion of Organic’s transition to the re-engineered, exclusive Modular Floating Shell™ (MFS) design, which incorporates several enhancements to the proven DFS design. “Based on feedback from our customers, we took a close look at everything from lug assemblies to the way our Tone Ring interacts with the drum shells and spent six months in a complete re-design phase. The end result is our Modular Floating Shell design, which continues the DFS concept of enabling drummers to quickly and cost-effectively swap drum shells to customize their sound for different playing situations, but incorporates modifications such as new lug assemblies, a segmented drum shell design, and new bearing edge options,” said Eisner.

In addition to the Zebra Wood snare drum, Doc also took delivery of a custom Rosewood snare drum, which was originally owned by Sean Paddock, drummer for Kenny Chesney’s band. The drum was played live at the 2010 CMA Awards on the duet, “I’m Alive,” performed by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews.

About Organic Custom Drums

Organic Custom Drums designs and builds high-end, innovative snare drums and drum sets featuring an exclusive Modular Floating Shell TM design, which maximizes resonance, tonality, and bottom end punch, while providing a cost-effective way to have multiple drum sounds without the need to purchase multiple drums.

For more information, and to see why today’s top session and touring drummers are choosing to add Organic Custom Drums to their preferred equipment list, please visit www.organic-drums.com.