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Organic Custom Drums announces new hand-made snare drums featuring a unique patent pending floating design incorporating two separate shells joined by a central ring. All of the hardware is mounted to the central ring to alleviate any stresses that would otherwise be placed on the shells. This design enables the use of different shell materials for a wide variety of sound options.

Organic DrumsWhile "free floating" designs have been done in the past, the use of two distinct shells is a fresh approach that offers almost limitless opportunities to customize a drum in terms of both look and sound. Rich Eisner, owner of Organic Custom Drums adds, "Using two separate shells in the drum's design gives drummers exciting new ways to fine tune their particular sound to meet any playing style. New options now exist to mix and match types of wood, shell thickness, and sizes. Furthermore, drummers can essentially get a brand new drum just by swapping out one or both shells, while using the same center ring."

Organic Custom Drums are available with maple, birch, vintage mahogany, oak, cherry, aluminum, and variety of solid, steam-bent and shells. Maple and birch shells are available in 5-, 6-, 8-, and 10-ply configurations, while mahogany shells come in 6-ply configurations, and oak and cherry shells are available in 10-ply configurations. Domestic and exotic solid wood shells and aluminum shells are available as a custom option. All solid wood shells come standard with maple reinforcement rings installed.

Every drum features 45-degree bearing edges that are precision-cut, hand-sanded, polished, and waxed for optimal head placement and tonality. 30-degree bearing edges are also available, allowing for more head to shell contact for a vintage tone. The industry-leading Trick GS007 precision aluminum throw-off, PureSound Custom Series 20-strand snare wires, 2.3 mm triple-flanged hoops, and precision-machined threaded tubes are standard.

Hand-rubbed stains are available in a choice of satin or high gloss finish. Hardware finishing options include polished chrome or brushed aluminum, black or brass chrome, and powder coating. Options include die-cast and wood hoops, custom inlays, and customized artwork for the center ring.

Organic Custom Drums hand crafts innovative, high quality snare drums to the highest standards with relentless attention to detail and endless options to personalize the look and sound of your custom snare drum. Organic snares feature a patent pending Dual Floating Shell design that incorporates two distinct shells joined by a central ring, enabling our drums to resonate to their full potential, uninhibited by cumbersome hardware, invasive drilling, and other factors that can limit sonic qualities.


  • DESIGN Patent Pending Dual Floating Shell
  • SHELLS 100% maple, birch, mahogany, oak, and cherry
  • PLIES 6, 8, and 10-ply maple and birch; 6-ply mahogany; 10-ply oak and cherry
  • BEARING EDGES Precision-cut, hand-sanded, polished, and waxed 45 or 30 degree bearing edges
  • HARDWARE Trick GS007 throw-off, PureSound Custom snare wires, 2.3 mm triple-flanged hoops, precision machined aluminum tubes
  • FINISH Hand-rubbed stains, satin or high gloss finish
  • OPTIONS Die cast and wood hoops, custom air-brushed designs, powder coating, steam bent solid shells.

For more information, visit their web site at www.organicdrums.biz.


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