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Pearl Throne ThumperThe Pearl Drum Corporation has released a new tactile monitoring device for drums called "The Pearl Throne Thumper, powered by ButtKicker". In a two-year development partnership Pearl and Guitammer designed the Throne Thumper so musicians could actually feel low frequencies like the thump of the bass drum when sound levels make them difficult to hear. The Throne Thumper clamps to any drummer's throne and works with all brands of electronic drums, and miked acoustic drums.

"The response to the Throne Thumper by our artists has been nothing short of amazing," said Terry West, President of Pearl Drums. Mike Mangini with Dream Theater and Eric Singer, drummer with the legendary hard rock band KISS, are the first of many artists using the Throne Thumper on tour this year. "The Throne Thumper can be used anywhere electronic or acoustic drums are played and it is especially suited for the house of worship market where the drummer's sound level and the entire stage volume is very controlled," says West.

On stage and in recording studios, bass drums, bass guitar, etc. are difficult to hear when mixed with other instruments.  For close to 15 years, The Guitammer Company has solved this problem by providing ButtKicker-brand tactile transducers to musicians.

"For years as a working drummer, I was constantly aware of the difficulties of hearing my bass drum, especially as the acoustic environment changed from stage-to-stage. ButtKickers were designed to end that problem by allowing drummers to feel the impact from their drums, literally in their bodies, without the stage volume having to be loud," says Ken McCaw, Founder of The Guitammer Company. The Throne Thumper is a more economical solution for the studio, professional and recreational drummer.

The Throne Thumper is powered by a 200 watt ButtKicker amp and is the perfect companion to Pearl's e-Pro Live electronic drum set.

Model #: THMP1
List Price: $499.00
Suggested Street Price: $299.00.

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