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Pearl Drums Unveils Super Shell Technology

Quality….. A word that Pearl drums have been identified with since 1946. This single characteristic is the core of the Pearl philosophy and represents the central goal in the manufacture of every single Pearl product. Shell…..The central anatomy of a drum that produces, colors, and projects the sound to the ears and hearts of every listener. Pearl’s exclusive Superior Shell Technology (SST) represents the commitment to quality and the focus of that quality on the shell of every Pearl drum to deliver an instrument with Extreme Strength, Optimal Resonance, and the most Superior Tone possible on the market today. Pearl will be promoting its Superior Shell Technology (SST) campaign throughout this year to inspire drummers everywhere to listen for, seek out, demand, and rely on the shell quality that only a Pearl drum can offer. Superior Shell Technology (SST), quality manufacturing at the heart of every drum, for the heart of every drummer.