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BB DrumDial

The “secret of success” for studio and touring drummers since it was first introduced more than a decade ago, the popular and efficient DrumDial has been used to achieve fast, accurate drum tuning by thousands of professional, part-time and student drummers. Recently, with the development of the upgraded Digital DrumDial, this essential drum accessory has become faster, more precise and more popular than ever.

Used and endorsed by a variety of the world’s top drummers from jazz great Peter Erskine to metal master Shawn Drover of Megadeth, DrumDial enables drummers to achieve consistent, precise, numeric tuning by measuring the tension of the drumhead at any tension point rather than by attempting to use the drum’s multi-harmonic frequencies. Since the art of drum tuning involves a number of variable factors including the tone, feel and appropriate range of the drum, this method has proven to be more desirable and more effective than solely pitch-based tuning.

In addition, the DrumDial works in any situation and at any volume — whether back-stage or on-stage, from total silence to deafening decibel levels— and can easily be used to tune any snare drum, bass drum or tom-tom as well as world, classical and marching percussion; no matter the drum size, shell material or head type.

Every Digital DrumDial comes with a hard-shell carrying case, drum key, easy-to-use tuning guide and 1-Year Warranty. The Standard (analog) model has a suggested retail price of $99.95 while the MSRP on the Digital model has just been reduced to $129.95 for street price of under $100.

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