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Snare RucksackWherever the gig is, Protection Racket have got it covered; now with the Rucksack Snare Drum Case added to the range there is an even better way to get your precious snare into the gig — effortless transportation, maximum protection.

Currently there are 10 different sizes in the snare case range and two of them now come with rucksack straps and concealed shoulder straps as well as the standard carrying handle. The 3006: 14” x 6 ½” and the 3011: 14” x 5 ½” not only come with the added straps for ease of carrying you prized snare drum, but you can also choose from a range of colours: Aero Brown, Funky Green and Steel Grey. It’s a snare drum case, but not like any you have seen before.

Want to do something nice for your cherished snare? Then entrust it to swathes of fleece surrounded by a near bomb proof flexible exterior with zips and fastenings that are capable of surviving even the roughest handling yet remain lightweight. Wrapped up safe and sound, it can be swung on your back letting the generous padding on the straps help distribute the heavy load. The adjustable straps help give a customised fit for optimal comfort and leave your hands free to carry other stuff, reducing the number of trips to and from the car when gigging.

Designed to protect, built to last, planned to help you spread the load, road tested, these cases are light and tough, have clean and simple lines giving any drummer exactly what they need. For reliability, quality, choice and confidence - nothing else comes close. Accept no compromise.

Check out the company’s website for further details of the new snare drum case with rucksack straps and all their other products at www.protectionracket.com

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