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Protection Racket, the world renowned manufacturer of quality cases that drummers can rely on, announces the introduction of the new Drum Mat Bag.

Ask any drummer, "what is the first thing you do when setting up", and they will tell you, "put down my drum mat". The drum mat, the unsung hero of any drummers set up, like any piece of equipment, needs to be protected from the elements, easy to carry and store, quickly identified and secure when packed up.

The new Protection Racket Drum Mat Bag is 100% waterproof, super lightweight and comes with a draw string entry, keeping your mat secure and tightly rolled when packed away. The central carry handle makes it easy to move about, in comparison to the more usual "under the arm" carry job!

Protection Racket Drum Mat BagMade of tough abrasion resistant nylon, the Protection Racket Drum Mat Bag includes a clear white panel for name and contact details. It comes in two sizes, Single Bass [2m x 1.6m]  and Double bass version [2.75m x 1.6m], both at at an unbelievable $21.99 MSRP.

Next time it is raining, you've had to park the car two streets away from the venue, there are three bands on the line up and the other drummers walking away with your mat instead of his......... remember the new Protection Racket Drum Mat Bag is the answer.