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Quick Action Drum Lug has been awarded an additional U.S Patent (#7,511,211) on March 31, 2009. The initial patent (#7,351,899) was awarded April 1, 2008. The patents protect the innovative Quick Action Drum Lug invented by drummer and engineer Chris Kennedy of Apex, NC.

The Quick Action Drum Lug helps the drummer be more time efficient when changing drumheads. To change a head, the drummer loosens all the tension rods a few turns to allow the insert to swing out of the lug body as the hoop is rotated. The reverse process is used to install a new head as the lug body can hold the insert from turning before the insert is properly seated. The insert is an aircraft quality nylon insert lock nut held in place by the lug body to keep the tension rods from loosening during play. The tension rods are also held in the hoop since the lock nut remains on the tension rod, even when the drumhead is being changed.

The Quick Action Drum Lug is a very lightweight lug CNC machined from aluminum billet with a small contact footprint on the drum shell. It is available in several configurations including the model T1 featuring a single mounting screw for toms and bass drums, and the model R1 with two mounting screws for higher tension applications.

The Quick Action Drum Lug is available immediately and is offered to drummers and drum builders alike. The company can also provide exclusive designs or provide other licensing options.

For additional info about Quick Action Drum Lug, or to contact Chris Kennedy please call 919.290.7470 or visit www.quickactiondrumlug.com. The Quick Action Drum Lug is available for purchase via our e-store. The drum shown in the photos was built by SJC Custom Drums and uses the model R1 lug. It will be on public display at the Southern Drum Show and will compete in the Snare Drum Olympics. The photography is provided courtesy of Corey Woodruff.

About Quick Action Drum Lug: It is a division of Think Peak, Inc. located in Apex, North Carolina and owned by Chris Kennedy. The company was founded in 1999 providing custom software, consulting, engineering analyses, and services and has been designing innovate drum products since 2002.

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