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Randy Van Patten - Off His Rocker

Are you repeating the same fills again and again hoping for a different result? That’s insanity! You’re off your rocker if you think things will change. You need professional help. You can be cured with Randy Van Patten’s third and best DVD yet, Off His Rocker. This is the breakthrough solution to stale, repetitive fills that patients, er…drummers, have been waiting for. Unleash your creativity by learning over 40 unique fills complete with full transcriptions.

Randy Van Patten, working drummer and drum instructor with over 30 years experience, walks you slowly through each fill, then gives you a feel for each one in a groove. Randy’s accessible approach to teaching and demonstration makes learning and then implementing these fills fun and intuitive. Randy limits the talk and maximizes the content so you can store these fills in your brain’s groove locker. It’s a virtual fill factory, with over 40 fresh fills rolling off the line one after another completely transcribed on a downloadable PDF! Grab your sticks and break out of stale fill isolation with Randy’s help. Randy’s off his rocker and he’ll show you how he got that way with Randy Van Patten’s Off His Rocker Rock, Funk and Metal Fills, Grooves and Patterns. Isn’t it time for your first session?