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Gon Bops, Inc. will be run as a separate concern from the cymbal business, with its own distribution network and artist program. Through an ongoing working relationship with Drum Workshop, manufacturing in California will continue uninterrupted. Relationships with current suppliers will continue, allowing a continuous flow of products.

"We're excited to begin a new chapter in SABIAN history," noted Andy Zildjian. "Gon Bops instruments are a perfect blend of vintage craftsmanship and innovative thinking. Since its founding in 1954, the company has pioneered several features and improvements that have forever changed Latin instruments. We are excited about not only expanding distribution, but continuing to focus on ground-breaking designs that represent clear improvements in meeting the needs of musicians. The pursuit of the best sound is what our craftsmen work for every day. We know the fit is perfect, above all, because sound matters."

Top instrument designer Akbar Moghaddam continues with Gon Bops, Inc. as Director of Production and R&D. Prior to handling Gon Bops production and R&D for Drum Workshop, Moghaddam had a long history as a hands-on instrument artisan. He began his career repairing and refurbishing percussion instruments and eventually studied manufacturing with Tom Flores, founder of Valje Percussion Co. In 1992, Moghaddam founded his own percussion company, Sol Percussion, where he deepened his expertise by manufacturing all aspects of the instruments. "Akbar's creative energy, passion for quality and desire to serve both musicians and their music align perfectly with SABIAN's mission and commitment to our customers," commented Davy. "We work with only the most relevant and high-quality brands— with regard to both products and customer relationships—and we're glad to have Akbar on board to continue that practice."

A traditional and innovative line, Gon Bops was founded in 1954 and is one of the original U.S. conga brands. The company's mission was to take the original Cuban conga design and provide innovations and enhancements to the hardware. Today, Gon Bops manufactures an extensive line of percussion products and accessories, including Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Cajons and Bells. Just as SABIAN cymbals are crafted by only the most skilled artisans, Gon Bops products are manufactured by craftsmen who have been making drums by hand for decades.

"We feel that SABIAN is a perfect fit for Gon Bops," noted Chris Lombardi, President and CEO, Drum Workshop, Inc. "We're both family owned companies and share the same sense of tradition and heritage that has also made the Gon Bops brand so enduring. In addition, SABIAN international distribution channels also lend themselves to a much more immediate global expansion. We're proud to continue partnering with SABIAN on the Gon Bops line by having California Series congas and bongos manufactured at our California Custom Shop and look forward to continued success."

Artists in the Gon Bops family include Alex Acuna, Tommy Aros (Luis Miguel), Scott Crago (The Eagles), Brian "Brain" Mantia (Guns N' Roses, Tom Waits), Daniel de los Reyes, and Walfredo de los Reyes.

For more information, visit the Sabian web site at www.sabian.com.

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