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Signal Flow: Audio FundamentalsAlfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, has released Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals, a resource guide for sound engineers and music producers, produced in association with the cutting-edge music production school Pyramind and Lawson Music Media, Inc.

Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals teaches the fundamentals of signal flow and sound production. Geared for the novice and aspiring professional sound producers who seek to hone their craft, the comprehensive guide features topics such as basics of electronics, understanding and properly working with sound, choosing the right digital audio workstation, using the right microphone for every project type, and much more. The text also features cost-efficient tips on gear and sound room design, such as getting the right sound from a room on a budget to purchasing the right computer for DSP.

Every chapter includes helpful and informative “Coaches Corner” and “Tech-Speak” learning aid segments. Also included are full color, easy-to-understand technical specs charts, waveform graphs, and DAW screen shots. The companion DVDs provide supporting audio and video examples that are playable in a DVD player or computer.

Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals is the first installment in a series of nine texts in three levels—beginning, intermediate, and advanced—in the Pyramind Training Series. The series provides comprehensive instruction by focusing on three perspectives of the music and sound industry: fundamental tools and technology (Signal Flow), application and creativity (Work Flow), and business and marketing (Cash Flow).

Pyramind Recording Method, Vol 1: Signal Flow (Book & DVD) (Pyramind Training Series) is now available for $39.99 at music retail stores and online through the Drummer Cafe.


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