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Roy Burns - Solo Secrets

Based on the drum set artistry of Roy Burns, Solo Secrets of the Left Hand and Bass Drum is a fantastic book that will improve the drummer’s left hand technique, bass drum control, hand-to-hand coordination, overall speed, and rhythmic creativity in any playing style or idiom. Solo and fill-in playing skills are enhanced through use of the entire drum set. Edited by percussionist and well-known educational composer Murray Houllif, this 35-page book includes a DVD featuring Roy Burns’ amazing final clinic in 1989.

      • Develop and improve your left hand
      • Improve your bass drum control
      • Improve your hand-to-hand coordination
      • Increase overall speed and control
      • Improve your rhythmic ideas
      • Develop your creativity on the drum kit
      • DVD featuring final drumset clinic of Roy Burns' illustrious career

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