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Sonor - Benny Greb Signature SSD-401SONOR, proudly celebrating a 135+ year tradition of excellence, has announced the launch of a new product offering, the Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum.

Since 2004, drumming scene’s shooting star Benny Greb is part of the SONOR family. Says Benny: "For me as an artist it is key to embrace both tradition and innovation, and the guys at the Sonor drum company do that same thing. I feel close to people that love what they do and who are dedicated to quality. That’s why I feel close to the Sonor Company."

Born in 1980 in the south of Germany, Benny was gifted with his first set of drums when only six years old. Benny began his drumming journey by teaching himself until he took his very first lesson when just 12 years old. He quickly progressed to playing in punk bands before discovering rock and jazz and getting involved in the various bands that his school had to offer. By 1997 Benny’s full time study began in earnest when he attended music schools in Dinkelsbuhl and then in Hamburg where he currently resides.

These days, Benny can be found playing with an assortment of musicians, all demanding his tasteful and immaculate playing style. You will find him in rock settings, laying down a ferocious backbeat with both Stoppok and The Ron Spielman Trio, in jazz with the aptly titled Benny Greb Brass Band and Sabri Tulug Tirpan as well as working with the NDR Orchestra on their Zappa project and playing Fusion with 3ergezimmer.

Benny has been known to get on to airplanes to tour globally, entertaining and educating drummers worldwide with clinics. High profile events such as the Montreal Drum Festival in Canada, the Ultimate Drummer Weekend in Melbourne, Australia, the World Drum Festival, Germany and the Drummer Live in London. He also travels stateside from for the PASIC SHOW time to time and IN 2010 performed at the most-prestigious Drum event, the Modern Drummer Festival in New York.

Early 2010, SONOR and Benny begun working on a very special Snare Drum, Benny’s very own Signature model that is as versatile and musical as Benny himself.

Benny favors Beech, and that’s what gives the drum its transparency, warmth and a wide tuning range with a fat sound. The special shell size – 13” in diameter and 5.75" in depth is the outcome of experimenting with the primary snare drum he has used over the years, a 13x6.5", with alternative depths of 5” and 5.5”. The beautiful outer veneer is Scandinavian Birch that adds a timeless look to the drum. But it wouldn’t be Benny without adding something very special. The personalized Benny Greb badge shows his unique "Cartoon-head", and a soft rubber ring is being applied to the shell.

Says Benny, "My signature snare drum from Sonor is basically a replica of a snare drum that was custom built by Sonor for me many years ago. It ended up being the main snare I've been recording with and using live since then. In all of my recent recordings you can hear the huge sound and versatility of this great instrument. I’m happy to share this sound now with you. Have fun with it!"

13" x 5.75" Thin (5 mm) Beech Shell Construction
Scandinavian Birch Outer Veneer
2.3 mm Powerhoops
REMO Drumheads made in the USA
Soundwire Snares
Specially designed Benny Greb Badge and Soft Rubber Ring