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Sonor ProLite

SONOR, proudly celebrating 137 years of tradition of excellence, has announced the launch of new products, to be introduced at the Winter NAMM Show 2012 in Anaheim, CA, USA.

Based on SONOR’s state-of-the-art quality standard made in Germany, the all new ProLite series raises the bar on the next level in regard of innovation and features within SONOR’s long history in Drum instrument making excellence. The successor of the famous S Classix and legendary Delite series which defined a new quality standard at their time combines the best of the previous series along with consequent upgrades to set a new high-end standard in drum series manufacturing.

ProLite offers the famous Vintage Maple shell achieved with SONOR’s unique CLTF (Cross-Laminated-Tension-Free) process, which became a trademark around the globe and at the same time, because of its unique, outstanding sound, made the former Delite series legendary and is the top-selling shell construction in SONOR’s flagship series SQ². The new ProLite series will easily adapt to a variety of music genres and applications, be it recording or live occasions! 
ProLite continues carrying the "Lite" add-on which has been another famous brand of SONOR series over the last decades.

The concept of the new ProLite series incorporates three price ranges which differ by the kind of shell surface / lacquering process, all produced on the same high-end quality level. Three different kinds of surfaces include three finishes each and they are separated in satin lacquered solid (Crème White) and stain finishes (Nussbaum, Natural). High gloss lacquered solid (Silver Sparkle, Brilliant Black) and stain finishes (Ruby Red) and high gloss lacquered veneer finishes (Ebony White Stripes, Walnut Brown Burst, Red Tribal).

Stunning new and upgraded hardware features complete the new ProLite series and underline the premium aspiration of these new generation quality instruments. If it is the innovative new DGS (Dual Glide System) snare strainer, offering a new standard of precise and smooth snare action combined with clever features in detail like the detachable snare wire attachment or the new TAR (Total Acoustic Resonance) tom mount system having significant features adapt form SONOR’s SQ² Drum System. ProLite fulfills all crucial customer demands.

Adding nice design accents, ProLite revives the classic SONOR square badge shape and brings in a fascinating new design spots by synthetic elements attached to the aluminum badges. Furthermore SONOR introduce an ornamental laser engraved metal washer underneath the vent hole rivet, saying "Handcrafted in Germany - Since 1875".

Preconfigured shell sets and a wide variety of single components complete the new ProLite series concept and let become this series a jewel in the crowd.

ProLite Features

  • Made in Germany
  • Vintage Maple shell construction achieved by SONOR’s CLTF (Cross-Laminated-Tension-Free) process, standing for maximum strength, perfect curving and neutral tuning
  • Shell Thicknesses
    • 9-layers for Tom Toms, Floor Toms and Snare Drums = 4 mm + 2 mm Dynamic Edge reinforcement rings
    • 12-layers for Bass Drums = 6 mm + 2 mm Dynamic Edge reinforcement rings
  • 45° bearing edge
  • 3 new finish categories offering 9 spectacular finishes = Satin, high gloss and veneer high gloss lacquered
  • Innovative, new and unique DGS (Dual Glide System) snare strainer and snare butt
  • New designed TAR (Total Acoustic Resonance) tom mount system
  • Unique SONOR design tension lugs with TuneSafe
  • New classic SONOR badge shape combined with modern synthetic elements
  • New ornamental laser engraved metal washer underneath the vent hole rivet
  • APS (Advanced Projection System) insulators - prevents direct metal to shell contact
  • Equipped with REMO USA Drumheads
  • Choice of 3 preconfigured shell sets
  • Choice of 31 single components for all imaginable drum setups
Sonor ProLite Red TribalSonor ProLite Red Tribal