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Soultone CymbalsSoultone Cymbals™ is proud to announce that Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett, legendary drummer originally scheduled to perform with Michael Jackson, has signed an exclusive endorsement that includes the introduction of a new signature series of handmade custom Turkish cymbals offering features never before seen or heard in the industry. Moffett has more than 30 years of performances with Jackson in addition to many musical legends that include Madonna, Diana Ross, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and other hit makers.

"We made the decision to hold the release of this wonderful new products together with Jonathan," stated Iki Levy, founder and president of Soultone Cymbals. "We are very close to all of our artists and, with respect for everyone grieving on so many levels, feel very proud to stand with Jonathan during this very personal time." In fact, the M-Series cymbals were on stage during the televised memorial to Michael Jackson and seen by more than 1 billion people around the world. After Moffett received an overwhelming amount of inquiries with regard to his performance products, he felt that it was time to go ahead with the product announcement.

"I want to proceed, respectfully, as Michael would have insisted," reports Moffett. "When we started planning the shows, I was already looking for 'that sound' with the right feel - and only Soultone Cymbals have it," Moffett, who has already worked with many manufacturers during his career, was never completely satisfied with the so-called "major brand" cymbals. Moffett continues, "After trying every brand out there to get what I really wanted, only Iki (Levy) delivered on every aspect of what I was really into. They really treat every drummer like family."

The new Jonathan Moffett Signature Series, also known as "M-Series" cymbals, will continue the company's tradition of excellence, unmatched quality, and style. Developed over more than eighteen months by Moffett and Levy, the M-Series cymbals have a specific design that combines state-of-the-art elements with the finest original Turkish craftsmanship to produce Soultone Cymbals' latest signature sound.

M-Series by Soultone Cymbals™: Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett Signature Series


  • Rich, lush, precision sound
  • Medium weight for even tonal balance and natural feel
  • Ultra brilliant platinum style finish
  • NEW Aurora™ resonance handcrafted design
  • NEW Halo™ rings surround the bell
  • NEW Special HeavyBeat™ Hi-Hats with open-air design
  • NEW Special FXH™ Hi-Hats with special custom effects and 12" heavy top/14" China styled bottom


Ride cymbals: Available in 20" - 24" sizes

Crash cymbals: Available in 14" - 20" sizes

Hi-Hat cymbals: Available in custom and traditional sizes

About Soultone Cymbals

Established in 2003 by legendary drummer and percussionist, Iki Levy, after his frustrations with mass-produced and inconsistent sounding cymbals led him to develop his own designs. Today, the company produces superior quality cymbals that offer unmatched sound, feel and performance for today's most demanding drummers and percussionists, Soultone Cymbals™ has a rapidly growing roster of respected artists - from nearly every genre and style of music - with a reputation for excellence and outstanding personal attention. These benefits continue to establish them as the new leading force in percussion products for every generation of performers searching for their "soulmates."

Soultone Cymbals™ are available through their global network of musical instrument retailers and specialty dealers including: Drum Connection, Memphis Music, Professional Drum Shop, The Chicago Music Store, Good Time Music, DiBella Music, Music Lab, ADS Drums / Klingair Ltd (UK) Budagov Ltd (ISRAEL) Krzysztof Sierpinski (POLAND) and many others.


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