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Spaun Edgevent DrumkitsSpaun Drum Company has expanded on their Edgevent snare drum designs and our now offering complete Edgevent kits. These unique drums feature a "shell within a shell" design. The outer shell holds all the parts (lugs, spurs, strainer, butt, etc) and also has outside holes for venting. The inner shell has no holes and no parts attached, so it resonates independently from the outer shell. Both top and bottom bearing edges also have vent holes. These "edgevents" work with the outer shell vents, creating a unique voice that translates into a fat, warm sound with excellent attack and sustain. This drum has a truly different look and sound that is worthy of the Spaun name.

As with all Spaun drums,Edgevent kits are custom built with nearly unlimited choices in size, finish, and options. Pictured kit has Swiss Cheese Venting. The color is Black Glass outside with Red Glass inside and Candy Red hardware. The snare is in reverse color- Red Glass outside with Black Glass inside and Black hardware. Retail price varies depending on sizes, finish, and options.

Visit www.spaundrums.com for more information.

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