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Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite

'Two Princes', 'Little Miss Can't Be Wrong' and Other Beloved Tracks are Remastered, as Epic/Legacy Plans August 30th Package to Include Rare Demos and Live Recordings

When top-class musicianship and great songwriting meet, the result can help to define an era. Such was the case with Spin Doctors' Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, one of the biggest smashes of the 1990s, selling over 10 million copies worldwide.

In tribute to the Spin Doctors and their landmark debut album, Pocket Full Of Kryptonite: 20th Anniversary Edition will be available everywhere as a 2-CD deluxe edition starting August 20th through Epic/Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

Featuring hit after hit, from 'Two Princes' to 'Little Miss Can't Be Wrong' and more, the original album reached #3 on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart, made the magazine's Top 100 list of the Best-Selling Albums of The Decade, hit #2 in the UK and #1 in Australia and New Zealand, was certified 3x Platinum in Canada, Gold in Germany, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore, and cemented the group's debut as an international phenomenon. In fact, 'Two Princes' was the most-played rock song in the world in 1993, and was recently certified by BMI with 3 million international radio plays ('Little Miss' is at the 2 million mark.) If the tracks were 3 minutes long apiece, and spun 5 million times back-to-back, that would amount to 28 years of continuous airplay! Here's a clip of the band performing 'Two Princes' in Manchester, England last month.

As a live band, the core members of Spin Doctors (Chris Barron (lead vocals), Eric Schenkman (guitar), Mark White (bass), and Aaron Comess (drums),) are among the best in the business, a fact often overshadowed by their commercial success, but arguably more important than ever. Now, with the upcoming release of Pocket Full Of Kryptonite: 20th Anniversary Edition, Spin Doctors are hitting the road once again to do what they do best: perform great pop/rock songs for live audiences.  Like their H.O.R.D.E. allies Phish, Blues Traveler, Allman Brothers and more, and like The Black Crowes, Counting Crows and other respected contemporaries, Spin Doctors are a reminder that hits and chops needn't be mutually exclusive.

A recently completed series of UK dates proved the band is still at the top of its game, as they performed the 'Kryptonite' album live, in its entirety. Veteran rock critic David Sinclair commented, "The Spin Doctors didn't waste any time getting the crowd involved.  On a warm summer night in North London the venue was rammed, and the group's rubber-limbed frontman Chris Barron had the whole place singing along from the very first song of the night, a deliciously fast and funky 'Jimmy Olsen's Blues'... this show was all about reliving the good times."  "The idea for this tour was to play the songs from Kryptonite in sequence and in full – the first time they had done such a thing..." "The crowd knew what to expect, even if they were surprised to find the gig getting off to such a flying start.  But then there always was a special magic attached to that album." A major U.S. tour is in the works for Fall 2011, with preliminary dates below and more concerts to be announced soon.

New York-based Spin Doctors debuted to the sort of explosive success and attention most bands can only dream of: appearances on Saturday Night Live, The Grammy Awards, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, multiple slots on Late Show with David Letterman, and live appearances on tour with The Rolling Stones confirmed the Spin Doctors' as one of the biggest bands of the decade – and Rolling Stone Magazine trumpeted their success with a coveted cover story.  Back in the day, you couldn't walk by a college dorm that wasn't blasting Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, or turn on MTV and not see one of their spirited videos.

Two decades after their initial release, the songs remain as fresh as when they first debuted and the band, recently reunited, is still on fire and ready to introduce Kryptonite to a new generation of fans as they tour the nation. As is the case with many bands, the original lineup of Spin Doctors went through changes over the years (including Schenkman's exit in 1994, Mark White's in 1999 and Barron's loss of his voice later that same year).  But the 'core four' are now back together, and with their extraordinary musical versatility and feel-good, funky sound intact, it's as if they never left.

The double-disk Pocket Full Of Kryptonite: 20th Anniversary Edition will feature the remastered album plus rare, never before released demo recordings and live tracks from "back in the day".

Disk one will include a remastered version of the classic album.  Its quintet of single releases ruled the charts for over 18 months:

- "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" (the first single, Billboard Hot 100 #17, Album Rock #2 for 4 weeks);

- "Two Princes" (the Grammy Award®-nominated second single, Hot 100 #7, Album Rock #2 for 7 weeks);

- "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" (the third single, Hot 100 #78, Album Rock #8);

- "What Time Is It?" (the fourth single, Album Rock #26);

- "How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)" (the fifth single, Album Rock #28).

Disk Two is comprised of early demo recordings by the band and is a must-own for Spin Doctors fans.  These demos were only ever available for sale at gigs on two cassettes, entitled Can't Say No (1989) and Piece Of Glass (1990), cherished by fans who've held on to the tapes all these years.  Songs from the demos were later developed on Pocket Full Of Kryptonite and the subsequent albums, Homebelly Groove...Live (1993), Turn It Upside Down (1994) and You've Got to Believe in Something (1996).  Two of the demo tunes – "Can't Say No" and "Turn It Upside Down" – do not appear on any official Spin Doctors album.

The current 2011 Spin Doctors tour started in the UK in mid-May, with shows in Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Manchester.