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Stick Technique

From author Bill Bachman comes Stick Technique: The Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer. The book will help you develop hands that are loose, stress free, and ready to play anything that comes to your mind. It’s for everyone who plays with sticks, regardless of whether you’re focusing primarily on drumset, orchestral percussion, or the rudimental style of drumming. Stick Technique is designed to get you playing essential techniques correctly and as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve gotten through Stick Technique you’ll find yourself playing with better sound quality, while expending less energy and remaining injury free. Your technique will be more relaxed, allowing you to play more musically, more dynamically, and faster than ever before—and, best of all, you’ll never have to think about technique on the gig! Your hands will be ready to play anything, automatically using the technique that offers the path of least resistance, so you can concentrate on making music. You’ll learn to practice smart, practice a lot, and have fun doing it.

Sure to become a classic tool for teaching, Stick Technique: The Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer will be available for purchase through the Drummer Cafe, Hal Leonard and Modern Drummer Publications.

Bill BachmanBill Bachman is a world-renowned specialist in hand technique with a heavy background in rudimental drumming and its application to the drumset. He is a regular columnist for Modern Drummer magazine and the author of the Logic marching percussion instructional book series for Row-Loff Productions. Bill has produced instructional DVDs (Reefed Beats and Rudimental Beats), and he is the inventor of the Remote Speedy Hat. He’s also the designer of Vic Firth’s Heavy Hitter pad series and signature Billy Club drumsticks and the founder of drumworkout.com.

Bachman is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has studied percussion performance at the University of North Texas. He has played with and instructed many award-winning marching percussion groups, including the UNT drum line and various DCI World Class finalists (Cadets, Bluecoats, Blue Knights, and Carolina Crown). On drumset, Bill has toured with the progressive rock artist Neal Morse, and he freelances with many artists in the Nashville area. Bachman is an international drum clinician, and he endorses Vic Firth sticks, Remo drumheads, Zildjian cymbals, Dynasty drums, Row-Loff Productions products, and Sensaphonics earplugs.