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Switch Kicks

DRUM CONCEPTS, LLC and Kevin D. Smith recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a newly imagined product that will allow drummers and percussionists the ability to quickly switch out a variety of bass drum beaters with ONE hand and NO tools. Enter the Switch Kick™ — the world's first quick release bass drum beater!

The Switch Kick™ is a two-part system: an Adapter Shaft and Beater Head (i.e. Brush Kick, Sonic Kick, etc...).

The heart of the Switch Kick™ is the Adapter Shaft, made from high strength tempered stainless steel. This Adapter Shaft, the mandatory lower section of the Switch Kick™ system, mounts to any standard bass drum pedal. You only need one Adapter Shaft; two if you plan to use a double pedal set-up. From there, you choose a Beater Head, each permanently attached to a Floating Tube which is made from solid billet aluminum, machined to exact specifications and precise tolerances.

With their Kickstarter campaign, Drum Concepts, LLC is seeking $10,000 to launch full production of this revolutionary product. I've personally played the Switch Kick along with the beater options you see here (and a few others not yet released), and I can tell you that the Switch Kick™ is well made, solid, sturdy, sounds great and truly works.

Visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/1186339858/switch-kicktm-quick-release-bass-drum-beater to pledge your support of this fund raising endeavor for the Switch Kick™.