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The Coordination Code

The leader in educational music publishing releases The Coordination Code drum method, a unique approach to improving drum coordination and technique from renowned drummer and author Karl Sloman. The Book & CD set uses a distinct system of notation centered on physical coordination to help drummers achieve complete control when performing two or more movements at one time. Whether learning with a teacher or alone, this method also helps build confidence, enhance creativity, and increase strength on both sides of the body.

Great for beginning to experienced drummers alike, The Coordination Code is organized in five difficulty levels ranging from simple to professional. The method starts by dividing the body into six key parts and includes horizontal, vertical, and cross section exercises designed to strengthen each part. The lessons throughout the book are broken into groupings of three and five beat patterns, with single stroke rolls, double stroke rolls, or paradiddles superimposed over the patterns. The included poster is a useful reference when learning or teaching the notation system. An MP3 CD is also included with recorded examples of every exercise in the book.

Professional drummer, educator, author, and clinician Dom Famularo included a foreword in the book, stating “The Coordination Code is fun, and will assist you in understanding how your body moves on the drum set. You will begin to really understand the technique and coordination needed to express yourself and open your creative ideas of playing.”

Karl Sloman has been playing the drumset for nearly 10 years and has studied music for most of his life. He founded the Wizdom Progressive Music Academy in London, Ontario, Canada and has been producing quality educational materials ever since. Karl has studied with a number of world-class drummers, including Dom Famularo, Jim Chapin, Joe Morello, Frank Bellucci, and Dr. Wayne Smith.

As part of Alfred’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment, this book is printed on 100% recycled paper.

The Coordination Code Book & CD set is now available for $24.99 at music retail stores and online today through the Drummer Cafe.


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