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Ron Samuels of Marimba One selects Honduras RosewoodMarimba One's Ron Samuels selects
Honduras Rosewood in Central America

What is happening in Central America is something that if it continues unabated, will spell the end of the commercial logging of Honduras Rosewood as a commercially available tone wood, and the end of concert marimbas being reasonably affordable, warns Ron Samuels, founder and owner of Marimba One.

Although all rosewoods from Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America are imperiled, the kind specifically used for concert-level marimbas — such as those crafted by Marimba One — is called Honduras Rosewood (Dalbergia Stevensonii), grown only in Guatemala, Belize and Southern Mexico.

The Convention on International Treaties in Endangered Species (CITES) has begun monitoring the export of Honduras Rosewood, and the government of Belize even imposed a moratorium on the harvesting of the wood.

Smuggling Seen

Marimba One's founder, Ron Samuels, personally witnessed rosewood being illegally poached from the hills of Central America and hauled out at night on pick-up trucks, tractor-trailers and dump trucks.

For this and other reasons, Samuels concurs with CITES because he believes that natural resources must be managed responsibly to safeguard their future.

To that end, Marimba One works exclusively with small indigenous suppliers to process the wood in Central America, employing people year-round to mill the wood down to bar lengths.

Stay Aware

We encourage everyone interested and concerned about Honduras Rosewood — and concert marimbas — to keep abreast of developments by reading about Honduras Rosewood in Central America.