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Alfred Music announces the expansion of the popular educational series, The Ultimate Beginner Series, to include complete book & DVD packages for Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboard.

The Ultimate Beginners Series has been helping aspiring musicians get started with a new instrument for years. This series contains hours of DVD instruction and audio tracks as well as the help of on-screen graphics and printed diagrams specific to each individual instrument, making The Ultimate Beginner Series perfect for those serious about mastering their instrument. Now, for the first time ever, the Basics, Blues, and Rock books, each of which have been sold separately for each instrument, are now also available as "complete" versions and combined in one complete book and DVD set.

The Ultimate Beginner Series: Acoustic Guitar Complete is a definitive guide to teach you all the basics you need to start playing and build a solid foundation that will enable you to play blues and fingerstyle music. The book and DVD sets contains three sections: "The Basics," "Blues," and "Fingerstyle." Each section delves into the topic, giving you a comprehensive resource that walks you through every aspect of playing this expressive instrument. Start by learning how to tune, read standard notation and TAB as well as picking techniques, and progress into playing traditional, roots-oriented blues; before you know it, you will be on your way to becoming a fine fingerstyle guitar, mastering arpeggio pattern, alternating bass, and much more.

The bass is such a fun and versatile instrument to play, and The Ultimate Beginner Series: Bass Complete is a unique resource that covers everything needed to start your journey toward mastering the bass, with over three hours of comprehensive DVD instruction. This ultimate book and DVD set teaches you how to play rock and blues grooves, learn tapping, harmonics, and slap & pop techniques, explore difference equipment and sounds and much more.

No matter what style you play, the drummer's role is to be the heartbeat and the foundation of the music. The Ultimate Beginner Series: Drums Complete will provide the vocabulary necessary to allow growth to any level with over five hours of comprehensive DVD instruction. The book and DVD set starts with the basic fundamentals you will never forget, such as how to hold the sticks and how to put beats together, and then gradually moves to hi-hat groove techniques and developing a groove with a bass player. Soon, you will be playing advanced fill combinations in no time.

The Ultimate Beginner Series: Keyboard Complete leads you through all the fundamentals you need to start playing one of the most enjoyable instruments a musician can play. Whether you are just learning to play or want to take your playing to the next level, this book and DVD set is a definitive resource to learn how to play in the style of Blues and Rock, with almost three hours of complete DVD instruction. Start by learning how to play chords and scales and even the basics of improvisation; then transition those skills into playing blues licks, solos, and more; finally, learn everything to need to play rock, including how to create chord voicing, the shuffle feel, and rock licks.

Acoustic Guitar Complete, Bass Complete, Drums Complete, and Keyboard Complete are now available in book and DVD sets for $29.95. Pick up your copies at a local music retail store, or buy them online today right here at the Drummer Cafe!


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The Ultimate Beginner Series: Electric Guitar Complete teaches you all the basics you need to start playing the blues and rock and includes lessons on the blues progression, "call and response," bending, vibrato, picking techniques, power chords, and much more.