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New TightScrews® Let Every Drummer Tune Like A Pro And Sound Like A Pro

TightScrewsPremium-quality, machined tension rods with a built-in, patented nylon insert, TightScrews® allow snug, precise tuning and freedom from de-tuning in any playing situation plus the ability to maintain a consistent, professional sound on any drum. They are used by leading drummers, drum techs and drum builders and come in a selection of models for snare drums, rack toms, floor toms and bass drums.

Standard, chrome TightScrew models are available in 15/8˝ (42mm), 2˝ (52mm), 21/2˝ (65mm) and 45/16˝ (110mm) sizes and feature 12/24 threads that are compatible with most major manufacturers’ drums, counterhoops and lugs. True-Pitch® (DW) 10/32 thread rods as well as black and custom-colored finishes are available by special order.

Packaged in convenient 4-packs with a handy drum tuning guide and sold at leading online and local drumshops, TightScrews are an upgrade for every drum that also helps increase every drummer‘s skills by improving their tuning technique and allowing them to become better musicians.

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