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New website uses fan location data to route, book, and budget tours

This December, touring bands and artists­ across the country will discover a new way to get their act on the road. By using data from popular social networking sites and their data partnership with Big Champagne Media Measurement, Tourbinder has developed a revolutionary way to track where a band’s fans are located to route an optimal customized tour, complete with venue suggestions in each city.

As more and more bands are taking the DIY approach to recording, distributing, and marketing their music, it seems it is time to rethink the way that independent artists plan and manage their live careers. Tourbinder is designed to help artists plan sensible tours that minimize travel time and maximize the number of fans in the audience.

The process is simple: A band decides that they are ready to go on tour. They set up an artist account and specify the dates and regions of the country that they want to tour. Tourbinder then creates an optimal route for the band based on fan location data gathered from the web and their partnership with Big Champagne Media Measurement. For each city on the route, it recommends venues of appropriate size and genre-specifications, providing pertinent booking information for each venue.

Tourbinder is designed to help emerging artists travel smart by providing bands with tools for routing, booking, and budgeting tours. Just in time for bands to start planning their Spring tours, Tourbinder is launching to redefine the way independent artists tour.

For more information, visit www.tourbinder.com.