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The TRX Cymbal Co. has announced that a selection of its handcrafted cymbals is now available at Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR) in Los Angeles. SIR is America's original backline company and continues to be the industry leader in all phases of the entertainment business—providing innovative solutions for artists and their music since 1967. With locations in more than a dozen major entertainment markets nationwide, Studio Instrument Rentals is the largest, best equipped, and most respected backline, audio, rehearsal and production support service in the country.

“Having TRX at SIR is both an honor and an opportunity,” says TRX president David Levine. “SIR’s reputation among professional musicians is legendary so, for a young company like ours, it’s like being called up to play in the big leagues. Working with SIR will allow us to provide a higher level of backline support for our growing roster of endorsers while also giving our cymbals greater exposure to drummers and the entire music industry.”

TRX® Cymbals are the first and only line of genuine, handcrafted Turkish cymbals developed to provide the extreme tonal, performance and appearance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive drummers and drumming styles. “Young Turks”, TRX cymbals are available in a full selection of types, weights, sizes and finishes to fit the widest spectrum of contemporary sounds and situations.

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