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TRX Icons

The 2011 NAMM Show marks the official arrival of the Icons from the TRX Cymbal Company. TRX Icon cymbals combine the rich, warm tone of vintage cymbals with the brighter, more powerful performance characteristics required by modern players and are recommended for a variety of contemporary drumming styles and situations. In contrast to TRX original DRK, MDM and BRT series that offered a selection of dark, mid and bright tones within separate lines, the Icon series is designed to offer a full spectrum of musically relevant sounds within a single line.

Icon cymbals are handcrafted in Turkey by master cymbalsmiths— featuring traditional lathing and a highly-polished, brilliant finish. The cymbals are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including Rides, Hi-hats, Splashes, Chinas and Thin, Medium and Heavy Crashes. The series also includes four models of medium-thin, vented cymbals called Stackers that can be used individually for crash effects or placed directly under or on top of other cymbals to create a short, trashy sound.