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Tune-BotInnovative Electronic Drum Tuner Will Be Featured At 2012 PASIC

After impressing dealers across the USA at the winter NAMM show this past January, followed by an equally memorable appearance at the Frankfurt Musik Messe in March, the revolutionary Tune-Bot electronic drum tuner will make its consumer-show debut at the 2012 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) this coming October 31-November 3 in Austin, Texas.

PASIC is the largest percussion event in the world, offering over 120 concerts and educational presentations. A major feature of the convention is the International Drum & Percussion Expo, in which more than 120 exhibitors showcase the latest in percussion products. The Tune-Bot, from Overtone Labs, will be a featured item at this year’s Expo, giving the artists, educators, and consumers in attendance the opportunity to examine this unique product first-hand.

The innovative yet user-friendly Tune-Bot measures actual sonic frequencies, giving a true indication of a drum’s pitch. Thus it allows the drummer to tune musically instead of mechanically. With the Tune-Bot, drummers can quickly and easily achieve the same musical accuracy that guitarists have enjoyed for years.

The Tune-Bot offers a wide a variety of tuning options. It can be used to get a drum “in tune with itself”…tune any drum to a specific desired pitch…even get an entire drumkit in tune using specific intervals. And once the “perfect” tuning of a kit has been achieved, the Tune-Bot can memorize the setting for each drum, so that that same tuning can be recalled and re-established the next time the kit is played. This is an especially helpful feature when it comes time for drumhead changes.

The Tune-Bot can be used with drums on or off the kit — with specific functional features tailored to each situation. The unit is compact and lightweight enough to fit in any stick bag, and it comes fitted with a simple clamp system that makes it easy to use. Best of all, the Tune-Bot is as affordable as it is useful. For more information on the Tune-Bot, visit www.Tune-Bot.com. For more information on PASIC, visit pas.org/pasic.

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