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Virgil Donati - In This Life

Australian drummer, clinician and producer, Virgil Donati is releasing a new solo album In This Life on July 23, 2013.

Over a year in the making, Australian drumming legend Virgil Donati's much anticipated solo record In This Life is

Destined to set the bar for explorations in rhythm, In This Life was produced, written and arranged by Donati, and mixed by Alex Argento. Virgil s drumming has arguably been at the leading edge for at least a decade, and as this record displays, his compositional and orchestration skills are also coming to the fore. Says Donati, "After all these years of playing, I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface!" Virgil has always had a propensity towards a contrarian approach to music and to life. Never one to seek approval or security, he has maintained an introspective, independent mind, transcending traditional boundaries, always alert of the possibilities beyond the norm.

The 10 tracks on In This Life are affirmation of these principles, and along the way, features some of the brightest young musicians bursting onto the scene from all corners of the globe - including Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento, Dennis Hamm, Doug Shreeve, Brett Garsed, Irwin Thomas, Alex Machacek, Paul Sherman, Anthony Crawford, Tom Kennedy, Jeff Babko, Rafael Moreira, Simon Hosford, Evan Marien, Artyom Manukyan, and Ruslan Sirota.

In this mini documentary, Virgil Donati shares the fascinating journey of the making of In This Life. The behind the scenes look reveals many of musicians most intimate observations on the music, their personal contributions, highlights of three tracks from the record, and a little jamming.

In This Life is available on CD and MP3 download through the Drummer Cafe via Amazon.com and iTunes. To learn more about Virgil Donati, visit his web page at www.virgildonati.com.

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