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World Record 1208 Tom Grosett with Miss WFD Melissa Mabry

Tom Grosset of Toronto, Canada became the second person in history to break 1200 single strokes (hits) in 60 seconds at this year’s WFD-World’s Fastest Drummer, Extreme Sport Drumming event. This means that his hands were moving over 20 times per second every second for a full minute. The previous record of 1203 was held for over a decade by Dream Theater’s drummer Mike Mangini of Boston.

The new WFD World Record was set at WFD World Finals 2013. The event was held July 11-13 at the new Music City Center in Nashville, TN as a featured attraction of the summer NAMM Show. All records and scores were recorded by the Drumometer, a teaching tool created to detect the speed of drummer’s hands and feet.

The WFD competition consisted of two categories, Battle of the Hands™ and Battle of the Feet™. The Preliminary Heats were held July 11 and 12. Tom Grosset was not allowed to compete for prizes as a former 2007 contest winner, in which he set the WFD sixteen and under record of 1194 singles in 60 seconds.

Included in the event were technical demonstrations, insight sessions and appearances by WFD Champions and World Record Holders Matt Smith, Eric Okamoto and Randy Briggs. WFD guests included drumming legends Bernard Purdy, Danny Gottlieb and Dom Famularo.

The top ten Fastest Hands and top ten Fastest Feet then stepped into battle at WFD World Finals, on Saturday, July 13. The event was received by an enthusiastic audience who cheered wildly for the entire competition. Also appearing was the ever lovely and talented Miss WFD 2013 Melissa Mabry.

The Battle of the Feet winner was Spencer Dalton of Brandenburg, KY with a score of 846 Singles, followed by second place Dave Stroup of Dowagiac, MI (827), and third place Dan Laskowski of Windsor, Canada (778).

The Battle of the Hands winner was Dave Stroup of Dowagiac, MI with a very respectable 989 Singles in 60 seconds. Braxton Burke of Langley, KY placed second (943), while Cameron Monzon of Nashville, TN placed third (860).

WFD Champ Eric Okamoto set a new World Record for five stroke rolls 60 seconds!  This makes Eric’s fourth WFD World Record.

“This year’s Finals were packed out with excited fans! It was great to see Tom Grosset set a new WFD World Record. Canada is now home to two WFD World Records.  Mike Machine Mallais holds the Fastest Hands Feet record and now Tom’s 1208. I guess it’s so cold up there that drumming fast is a great way to stay warm” said Boo McAfee, creator of WFD.

Grand prizes were provided by Pearl, Sabian, Remo, Vic Firth, Axis, Modern Drummer, Alfred Publishing, and Drumometer.

For more on WFD and upcoming events please visit www.WorldsFastestDrummer.com.

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