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Zildjian K Custom Dry Complex II RidesThe Avedis Zildjian Company introduces a second generation series of Ride cymbals designed with renowned jazz drummer, Bill Stewart. The new K Custom Dry Complex Ride II cymbals are available in sizes of 20, 22 and 24-inch and incorporate many of the successful design elements, along with some new additional features, of the original Complex Rides that were modeled after Mr. Stewart's distinctive Ride sound.

These new cymbals feature a brand new wider bell design with a much lower profile that helps to promote more control while offering a smooth and less metallic array of rich overtones. With medium-thin weight specifications that are slightly heavier than the first generation of Complex Rides, these new cymbals are now more versatile than ever as they provide Ride patterns that can be heard clearly from within an airy wash of overtones.

All the sizes continue to display the unique high profile of their predecessors with the help of four extensive hammering processes that facilitate an exceptional expression of sound. Each cymbal employs traditional lathing with no tonal grooves on top, and a scratch lathing method underneath except at the outer edge to assist with a "loose" but easily contained set of overtones. Unlike the 24 and 22-inch models, the 20-inch Ride features full scratch lathing on the bottom.

Bill Stewart commented, "These new cymbals are knocking me out! All three sizes offer multiple sound colors....from ride to crash, and many subtle types of shading in between. They have much of the trashy, wild side of the original Dry Complex line, but with a warmer and darker expression of sound, a lower pitch, heavier weight, and easier 'playability'.

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