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In addition to the improved sheet bronze alloy, Zildjian utilized many other high-end cymbal crafting elements to maximize the sound and appearance of ZHT. Every cymbal in the series is fully lathed on the top and bottom, which allows the cymbals to dynamically open up, increasing sensitivity and projection. The cymbals are also precision hammered like many of Zildjian's higher end Cast Bronze cymbals. This hammering helps to further refine the sonic attributes.

With a starting selection of 23 models, ZHT offers an exceptionally wide range of choices for the beginning to advanced player. Some notable models offered for the first time in a Zildjian Sheet Bronze series include Zildjian's popular Mastersound HiHat feature, two sizes of Mini-sized HiHats, a 20" Flat Ride, and two EFX models which feature a combination of elongated and circular holes to control the build-up of overtones and limit projection and decay.

Due to its well-balanced blend of frequencies and wide range of models, ZHT is well suited for all types of music. Rock models are available in a weight heavier than standard models and best suited for highly amplified situations. ZHT is available as single units in all 23 models as well as 4 Pre-pack box sets.

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