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Community Drum Solo

In 2005, Bart Elliott initiated the first annual community drum solo here at the Drummer Cafe. The purpose of the event is foster community among the Drummer Cafe community forum members and to further the art of drumming. Any community forum member can particlpate, using the drum or percussion set-up of their choice. There are typically some guidelines for each year's solo, and a unique loop or play-along is used for each participant to groove or solo against. Below are all of the DC Community Solos to date.

2013 Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo

The 6th Annual Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo - (May 2010)

The 5th Annual Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo - (May 2009)

The 4th Annual Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo - (August 2008)

Here are several other Community Drum Solos (audio only) from past years:

Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo #3 (2007)

Bart Elliott 00:00
Gaetano Nicolosi 00:36
Wesley Hellegers (felix) 01:09
Hannah Ford 01:42
Doug Stehle (chefdoug) 02:13
KevinD 02:46
amoacristo 03:19
Drumnut1 03:43
James Walker 04:13
Snowdogyyx 04:46
TheBeachBoy 05:18
agogobil 05:35
Mike VanDoren 06:03
eardrum 06:37
Todd Norris (Drum4JC) 07:10
diddle 07:34
Dave Heim (DaveFromChicago) 08:21
David Crigger 08:53

Drummer Cafe Community Drum Solo #2 (2006)

Todd Norris (Drum4JC) 00:06
James Walker 00:20
Gaetano Nicolosi 00:46
Wesley Hellegers (felix) 01:13
Jose Gonzalez (drumlooney) 01:40
Adam Blevins 02:07
Larry Lawless 02:33
Doug Stehle (chefdoug) 03:16
Bart Elliott 03:57

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