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The Midnight Riders

The Midnight Riders, based out of Music City USA (Nashville, TN), is a premier Allman Brothers tribute band — bringing timeless southern rock to enthusiastic audiences from Georgia to Michigan and all points in between. Consisting of seasoned road and Music Row veterans, this group brings the passion and artistry of the original Allman Brothers line-up to every show. And like the Allman Brothers band, The Midnight Riders features dual drummers — Gary Forkum on drums, timpani and vocals, and Paul Snyder on drums and percussion.

In this exclusive 40-minute video interview, originally recorded on June 13, 2011, I visit with Gary Forkum and Paul Snyder as they talk about how they each got into drumming, how they met, how The Midnight Riders band was formed, their love for The Allman Brothers Band, and what it's like to play in a band with two drummers. There's also an interesting segment where Gary and Paul talk about Gary's drum shop, Fork's Drum Closet, and how it came about.


Born and raised in Nashville, Gary Forkum opened Fork's Drum Closet in December of 1982 after working at Corner Music for five years. Gary has been playing drums for more than 40 years.

Paul Snyder has been with Fork's Drum Closet for over 20 years. Paul has been playing drums for more than 40 years.

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