Logan Gladden & Paul Stanley (KISS)Logan "Robot" Gladden & Paul Stanley (KISS)

The legendary rock group, KISS, was in Durant, Oklahoma last Friday (January 29), performing a meet and greet acoustic set when drummer Eric Singer walked away from his small kit to allow a 12-year-old drummer, Logan Gladden (Dallas, Texas) to play (and sing) with the band. As the kid takes the drum stool, Paul Stanley introduces Logan — "Ladies and gentlemen, the next KISS drummer." When asked what he would like to play Logan says "Nothin’ to Lose"... from the band’s 1974 debut album. Before the young drummer counts the band in, Singer, who first met Gladden when he was only 3-years-old, had informed the rest of the band that Gladden was good... and that he will be singing as well.

As the sixth grader counts the band in you will quickly notice his showmanship — demonstrating skills well beyond his years.

Gladden is currently performing with his own band, The Robotix, which has already seen some success... making it to the quarterfinal round on the television series, America’s Got Talent.