Alternate Mode DITI2

Alternate Mode, maker of professional electronic products, recently announced the release of the much anticipated and power packed DITI 2.0.

The DITI, or 'DRUM INTELLIGENT TRIGGER INTERFACE,' is the most advanced electronic percussion trigger interface ever created. The expanded triggering control parameters in the DITI allow standard piezo acoustic drum triggers and advanced FSR drum surface sensors to work side by side to achieve their optimum performance potential and then some!

Mario DeCiutiis, president of Alternate Mode states, "The DITI has been our labor of love. We were determined to create a MIDI Controller that has the ability to capture expression, dynamics and control like no other instrument before it. It gives the performer a new vocabulary for expression."

By plugging in any of the currently popular piezo style drum triggers or trigger pads into one of the DITI's 12 stereo trigger inputs (24 inputs total), and calling up their make and model, all of the triggering parameters for the selected trigger will automatically be adjusted. Real-time dynamics, buzz strokes and expression will be captured and turned into an accurate representation of the real-time physical performance.

The DITI automatically improves the sensitivity and tracking of any electronic drum pad or trigger on the market by using pre-programmed triggering setups or custom selected triggering algorithms for realistic response. Real-time performance aspects of any MIDI sound source, drum machine or computer sample library are significantly improved when using the DITI as the trigger interface.

Stacking, switching and alternating of multiple notes per pad are possible via the DITI’s extensive MIDI control. Real time pressure sensing allows nuanced parameters such as pitch bend, real-time sustain of individual notes and sample loops, and expanded expression effects via MIDI. The extensive controller functions add real-time authenticity and make electronic percussion performances come to life.

The DITI is the only interface currently on the market that allows the use of sophisticated, real-time, FSR triggering sensors that work on sensing touch and pressure. The DITI is optimized for real time pressure control for use with Alternate Mode's hybriHEADS, hybriPADS, hybriKiT and the newly released, 12 Zone FSR jamKAT.

Specially pre-programmed kits are built into the DITI for the jamKAT. The combination of the two units create a truly advanced, PROFESSIONAL, electronic hand percussion powerhouse with unsurpassed performance, sensitivity, and expression with unlimited MIDI control. The jamKATs pad layout is a natural for hand percussionists, EDM artists or anyone who loves to play complex rhythms with their hands.

The DITI also powers Aquarian inHEADS and onHEADs and eliminates the need for Aquarian inBOXes.

In the spirit of all Alternate Mode products, the DITI will continue to be upgraded with software revisions and support trigger setups for popular new drum modules.

About Alternate Mode

Alternate Mode designs and manufactures professional electronic percussion performance products for musicians who have a Passion for Creative Expression.

With more than 30 years of experience in cutting-edge, professional electronic percussion manufacturing and consultation, Alternate Mode's Hybri-Percussion products deliver T.H.I.- True Hybrid Integration. Our mission is to seamlessly combine the Acoustic and Digital percussion worlds and make them work better, together as one.

Alternate Mode is the expert source when it comes to using Force Sensing Resistor Surfaces for percussion applications. All of our Force Sensing (FSR) Hybrid percussion products were created to emulate the natural, ergonomic performance characteristics of real acoustic percussion instruments. When combined with our high-level Intelligent Trigger Interface innovations like the DITI, the combination yields performance satisfaction that is not possible with any of the conventional solutions available in the marketplace today.

Advanced Alternate Mode hybri-sensor products include the JamKat, hybrikit, hybripad and the hybrihead and are made to work in tandem with the DITI trigger interface. All inclusive, stand-alone Electronic Percussion controllers include, the world famous MalletKAT, the TrapKAT, the DrumKAT and the PanKAT. Internal sounds are available in a variety of Alternate Mode Percussion Controllers. All incorporate the use of advanced FSR sensors and have no equals.