Aquarian Drumheads TCREF

Aquarian® Drumheads is proud to announce the latest addition to their well received line of Specialty Snare Drum Heads. The NEW Aquarian Texture Coated Reflector Snare Drum Batter (TCREF) is born from the same 2 ply hybrid film combination as the highly popular REFLECTOR SERIES, but with an added Slate Grey texture coating.

Drummers are always looking for better ways to get “pure tone” and full resonance from their snare drum, but they also seek articulation and clarity. The NEW REFLECTOR HYBRID DRUMHEAD FILM COMBINATION creates a head that is both musical and controlled.

The bottom ply of this drumhead series uses our heavy-duty 10 mil drumhead film which is denser and brighter than our standard drumhead material and the top layer uses Aquarian’s Classic Nu-Brite 7 mil drumhead film for warmth.

Ron Marquez, the owner of Aquarian Drumheads stated, “we have had great success with our new approach to the hybrid combinations of drumhead film of not only different thickness, but also of a more pronounced rigidity. It only made sense to extend our REFLECTOR line of tom heads with a head specially tailored to the snare drum.”

The result is a head that is warm and musical at low volumes, bright and more articulate when played hard. This unique 17 mil REFLECTOR hybrid combination is what makes this head both durable and deliberate! The NEW, slightly thicker than standard, SLATE GREY TEXTURE COATING, complements the current Reflector heads and warms up the snare drum overtones.

The New 13" and 14" Reflector TEXTURE Coated snare batters are available at professional drum outlets, Aquarian’s online store, in March 2017.